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Potential New Tax on Stock Buybacks and What it Could Mean for the Financial Markets - Nov. 01, 2021

Potential New Tax on Stock Buybacks and What it Could Mean for the Financial MarketsPresident Biden’s latest spending bill could result in a new tax on corporate stock buybacks. In its most recent incarnation, the Senate version of the plan includes a 2 percent excise tax on stock buybacks. Still, this isn’t enough for many critics of stock buybacks, who claim they incentivize short-term behavior in lieu of long-term […] read more

How to Develop Company Travel Policies Post-COVID - Nov. 01, 2021

How to Develop Company Travel Policies Post-COVIDAccording to a recent U.S. Travel Association forecast, only about one-third of companies are requiring their employees to travel. With business travel still at a low, how can companies develop a travel policy that reduces the risk of COVID-19? Occupational Safety and Health Administration When it comes to business travelers, whether employees are traveling domestically […] read more

Flood Insurance: Insuring Your Home - Nov. 01, 2021

Flood Insurance: Insuring Your HomeDid you know that homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover flood damage? Because of this, homes located in a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) are required by lenders to purchase a separate flood insurance policy. However, there are millions of homes at risk that also experience periodic flooding but are not located in the most hazardous zones. […] read more

10 Ways to Pay Off Student Debt Faster - Nov. 01, 2021

10 Ways to Pay Off Student Debt FasterIf the thought of paying off your student loan causes a bit of anxiety, worry no more. Here are some ways to pay it off faster. Check them out. Sign Up for Auto-Pay This might seem like the most obvious thing to do, and yet, some alums don’t take full advantage of it. The psychology […] read more

New Proposed Tax Laws - Oct. 01, 2021

New Proposed Tax LawsThe House recently released a nearly 900-page proposed bill that would make major changes to current tax laws. The bill is intended in large part to help pay for both the Biden Administration’s budget and infrastructure stimulus bill. It’s important to keep in mind that the provisions and changes outlined below are by no means […] read more